About Us -Draft-

Since 1979 A&W Distributors has been providing the best in brand name products to customers all over the United States. A&W along the way has constantly been adding brand names and highly innovative tech companies to ensure our customers that they are ahead of the pack in the 12 Volt industry.

Our high-quality lines of name brand products include, but is not limited to, Car Audio, Video, Security Alarm Systems, Window Film, Paint Protection Film, Carpet and Rhino Liner Painted Speaker Enclosures, LED Lighting, HID’s and a broad assortment of other products to sell in your business to help your customers make their vehicles an extension of themselves, while at the same time increasing your business profit.

Convenience Guaranteed
We provide quick pick up options. Will call and even same day delivery to our dealers in the DFW Metroplex. To our customers outside of the metroplex, we offer shipping via UPS and freight carrier companies, and shop around often to make sure our customers are saving the most on shipping. When costs are constantly rising, and customers become harder to please, we are proud to offer excellent service to our customers everywhere while still trying to save them every way we can without cutting corners. Our experienced sales staff, with decades of experience, is always there to take your call even on Saturdays. We know you are open on Saturday, why would we close? We are open from 9AM until 4PM every Saturday to take your orders, or just answer any questions you may have.

A Partner You Can Trust

Here at A&W Distributors, we don’t just see you as a customer, we see everyone we deal with as a business partner. Every decision we make and deal we have we keep in mind every customer, to make sure what we are doing is in our and your best interest. Whether it’s the brands we pick up, or we stop carrying. We make sure that everything we do is meant to positively affect the businesses of everyone who buys from us. Every time we are offered a special, we make sure and it pass it on to you, so you can also reap the rewards of over 30 years of experience that has helped us to have some of the most competitive price in the country.

Thank You
From everyone here at A&W, we thank you for visiting our website and are very excited to become partners with you in the 12volt industry. Call, Email or Fax any questions you may have today about becoming one of A&W preferred dealers